• 2016 Trans Americas

    Our 2016 Trans Americas comes with a difference to the previous rides - this time we ride the length of the Americas Continent from south to north and we add an extra country to the route - BOLIVIA! This 24,000 mile route is the ultimate adventure through diverse terrain,...

  • 2016 Delhi to Bangkok

    **NEW ** A unique journey of breath-taking mountain riding amidst the high peaks and foothills of the Southern Himalayas, before descending to Myanmar, rarely ridden by Westerners, and finishing in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Colombia: Andes & Caribbean

    Colombia is back on the map! Delivering ten foot-peg scraping bends per minute through lush green forests, mountains and valleys, everyone we have ever taken here has been staggered by this incredibly beautiful and friendly country. The only danger is wanting to stay!

  • South America

    The endless shifting sands of the Atacama Desert contrast with rugged high altitude mountain peaks, volcanic landscapes and shimmering salt flats of the Andes, whilst Colombia’s roads twist and turn endlessly through a tropical paradise.

  • Iceland - The Arctic Desert

    Iceland is an otherworldly place of fire and ice, marooned near the top of the globe, where the mighty forces of nature have created a volatile playground, perfect for a unique adventure riding experience. Glaciers, lava fields, volcanoes, tundra, geysers, hot springs,...

  • Want a Brochure?

    Request a brochure sent directly to your home or office, free of charge, where ever you are in the world. This is your first step to the adventure of a lifetime!  Next time, it can be you and your bike at Everest Base Camp! GlobeBusters.  Your adventure - our expertise!

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Our Expeditions

North America
6 June 2016
Tridays 2016
21 June 2016
Awesome Alps 2016
2 July 2016
Brilliant Brazil
19 August 2016

GlobeBusters Epic Expeditions are just that!  Whether it's legendary routes or crossing continents, they are the stuff that dreams are made of! You could be riding through arctic tundra, deserts, jungles or the highest mountain passes in the world.  Some routes are from coast to coast, some cross the Equator, others are from the top to the bottom of the world, taking the road less travelled.  

OFFER!  Book and pay the 10% deposit for your 2017 Expedition before 31 December 2015 and we will only charge you the 2015 price, as a reward for your early reservation.

GlobeBusters Adventure Tours - Book a short adventure tour to sample the best bits of our major expedition routes or other exciting destinations.  These are standalone trips, including bike hire or using your own bike, and embracing the GlobeBusters philosophy - to ride your own ride and create your own journey, whilst receiving great support from the highly experienced GlobeBusters Crew, and knowing that all our routes deliver some of the best riding to be had on the planet!  Now there's no reason not to become a GlobeBuster!

GlobeBusters sponsors Rhys Lawrey, 2moroRider. Rhys left the UK, age 22, and aims to set the World Record for being the Youngest Person to Ride Around the World.  Having spent over a year on the road, Rhys has ridden over 50,000 miles, been to more than 50 countries and is half way through his second world record attempt for the Most Consecutive Capital Cities Visited by Motorcycle.  His amazing endeavour raises funds for the Charity, The Princes Trust. Follow his adventure! 

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