CBT+ Course


This is where your riding journey begins! 

A true taster of what motorcycling is all about, our 2-day CBT Enhanced Course will give you all the basic riding skills you need, as well as additional tuition and support to ensure that you can head out onto the roads confidently and safely.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is the start of any motorcycle training course. You can choose to do it on a standalone basis or it can be the first part of a Direct Access (DAS) Elements Course.

This CBT Enhanced course offered by BMW Rider Training has been specially developed by our team of expert instructors to enable all new riders to head out on the roads safely and confidently. With more tuition, more techniques taught, and more road-riding time than most other courses available, this course is the best first step on the road to gaining your full motorcycle license.

After two exciting days riding, simply ask your Instructor for more details about the next steps for your training. Whether you opt for an intensive 5 or 6 Day Direct Access course, or our progressive Elements path for busy lifestyles, we can make your riding dreams a reality.

Read on below to find out more about what's included, the course hours, and participant requirements

Please note: CBT holders are restricted to a motorcycle up to 125cc on the road with L-Plates. The holder is also restricted from riding on motorways and may not carry a pillion. You need to demonstrate that you can safely handle a motorcycle on the road and once you have reached the required standard you Instructor will issue a CBT Certificate (DL196).