COVID-19 - Update
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COVID-19 - Update

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COVID-19 - Update

COVID-19 - Update

UPDATED 10.07.2020

Your safety and well-being is of the utmost importance to us at BMW Rider Training. Rest assured, we are closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and taking precautionary measures in line with the UK Government advice to make sure our students and staff are safe. As I’m sure you can appreciate, this is a very fluid situation and changing daily.

As of 4th July, all BMW Rider Training centres will commence a phased reopening for all training; including CBT, Direct Access and Advanced Training courses.

At present, courses booked for dates after July 10th are planned to proceed as normal, however we will assess the viability of all training sessions 4 weeks in advance.

** For Direct Access courses**

Please be aware that DVSA practical test centres have restricted their operations as part of precautionary measures for your safety and to inhibit possible spread of the Coronavirus - including limiting test sessions, and restricting the number of candidates in those sessions.

This means that we are working with a very limited number of tests available in the immediate short term. We are working closely with the DVSA to expand the availability later in the summer, however our focus is, as ever, on ensuring your safety.

As CBT and Advanced courses (with the exception of RoSPA) do not require external examination, these courses will proceed as planned, unaffected by the current DVSA limitations.

If you are required to self-isolate due to exposure to the virus, affecting your attendance to your training, please contact us as soon as possible on 08000 131 282 or by email at

Keeping you safe

While we are monitoring all risks closely, our training already meets many of the current government guidelines regarding low risk of spread.

During our training, we are primarily in an outdoor environment, wearing gloves and protective helmet which are 2 key elements in preventing the spread of the virus. We will also be maintaining the recommended 2m distance, and issuing all students with neck tube/buff to protect your face from accidental touching and inhibit coughs or sneezes. Each student is allocated a bike for the duration of your training, we ask that you only touch your bike with gloves on.

Regarding our hire clothing, we will continue to offer this for all students; this is fully laundered and sanitised after each use as part of our standard procedure. However, if you would be more comfortable using your own protective clothing, feel free to bring this along. Your instructor will inspect this to ensure that it meets our riding safety requirements.

All shared spaces, including refreshment facilities and bathrooms, are fully cleaned and sanitised at the end of each day. We will be giving ‘hot spots’ such as door handles and light switches additional cleaning attention throughout the day.

There are a few pinch points during the day where normally we could come into closer contact and we will be making some small adjustments to our teaching methods to accommodate this, as well as general minimal contact policy (no handshakes!)

We’re here to help

Thankfully, we have not been directly affected by COVID-19 and we have taken preventative measures to ensure this remains the case.

Our team is on hand in case you have any questions and can be reached by telephone on 08000 131 282 or by email at

How you can help

It is crucial that we follow the guidance provided by the UK Government, NHS and World Health Organisation on Coronavirus and do everything we can to help stop the spread of the virus. For detailed information on what actions you can take, please read their public advice pages.

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