All BMW Rider Training centres are fully committed to delivering the highest quality standard of training available in the UK. Led by Head Instructor Ian Biederman, we have spent decades refining our unique training methods and courses to ensure we meet this commitment, and every student is given the best possible guidance during their learning process.

We believe our approach sets you up to be a safer, more skilled rider for life, not just enough to pass the test. We don’t profess to be the cheapest, just the best. Our pass rates are considerably higher than than the UK national average and we have a 98% recommendation rate from previous customers.

Our Facilities

As standard, our training takes place in purpose-built, modern facilities, using dedicated training areas to make sure you’re learning in an environment that makes you feel safe and at ease. This far exceeds the minimum legal requirement, which often sees other training centres using car parks and school sports facilities where you may be interrupted by other road users.

We have cosy classrooms, dedicated changing rooms, and modern break rooms where you can relax and enjoy a hot drink.

Our training bikes will always be the latest BMW models, less than 12 months old, maintained by our expert technicians to ensure your safety. They're equipped with ABS and heated grips for your safety and comfort, and we have low seat/low suspension models available to make riding accessible for all. To find out more about the bikes you'll ride during your training, click here.

In addition to this, we also provide you with a full set of protective clothing from Helmet to Boots – again, from the BMW Rider Equipment range, and updated frequently – to ensure you’re protected during your training with us.

Our Instructors

The quality of training is defined first and foremost by the quality of the instructor. There are many schools out there, and lots are small operations set up by experienced riders. However, an experienced and capable rider does not necessarily make a good teacher.

All of our instructors must be highly qualified advanced riders as independent people, as well as Advanced Riding instructors, all on top of the mandatory DVSA basic ‘CBT or DAS instructor’ requirements.

This includes a range of both Advanced Rider ‘personal’, and Advanced Rider-Trainer ‘professional’ qualifications including the likes of RoSPA-Gold Standard diploma, IAM Advanced Rider Training certification, FBOS, DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme and ERS Trainer certification, BMF Blue Riband, and others. We’re proud to be MCIA RIDE Gold certified across all centres.

This stringent set of requirements means our instructors are often the very ‘cream of the crop’, but we also look for instructors who are passionate teachers first and foremost in recognition of the fact that this has the biggest impact on your learning.

Our Tuition

You will never be more than 2 students to an instructor at any point in your training, to ensure you get as much individual tuition as possible. Many schools teach 4-6 students per instructor, only dropping to the legal requirement of 2:1 for assessments.

Instead, you’ll be paired with a rider of similar experience or skill level to yourself, and one of our great instructors. You’ll have access to the DVSA test centre where you will sit your Module 1 test, in order to practice there to reduce nerves on the day. In addition to this, we do as much training on-bike as possible. This is to ensure that you get the opportunity to put into practice any theory being discussed, and build on this in a consistent and progressive way.

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