DAS Unlimited, 7-Day Intensive Direct Access Course with Guaranteed Pass

Guaranteed Pass 7-day intensive motorcycle training course - with a £500 money-back guarantee if you pass first-time!

If you've struggled with pre-test anxiety before, then our DAS Unlimited - Guaranteed Pass course is a perfect safety net for you.

You'll attend the 7-day intensive course dates as initially chosen, but this package entitles you to as many additional training days and test retakes beyond this, as you need to achieve your chosen licence grade*. You can book with confidence, safe in the knowledge that there will be no further 'hidden costs', even if nerves get in the way of a first-time pass.

In the event that a pass is not achieved in your initial 7-day course dates booked, our team will be in touch to arrange your hassle-free return. They'll provide a recommendation for refresher time and suitable DVSA retest dates, arranged on a mutual diary basis once the mandatory waiting time has elapsed.

What if I pass first-time?

Taking the pressure off often means we're more relaxed, which can make a first-time pass more likely! 

In the event that you have opted for our Unlimited package, but achieve your chosen licence grade on the first attempt, we will refund £500 off your course fees paid, or honor this value to any future training of your choice. 

More about our Guaranteed Pass 7-day Direct Access Intensive Course

What's included - and what's not?

This course includes:

  • Full-day training sessions, set over 7 consecutive days (inc. weekends & Bank Holidays)
  • All protective clothing
  • Bike hire, insurance, & fuel
  • Dedicated 2:1 tuition with our expert instructors
  • DVSA CBT certification (if required)
  • DVSA Practical Tests, Module 1 & Module 2 Test Fees
  • Retests & refresher training days at no additional cost, as required until your chosen licence grade is achieved, within a 6-month period.

It doesn't include the DVSA Motorcycle Theory Test. You must have a valid Motorcycle Theory test certificate in order to attend this course.

It also doesn't include personal accident insurance, or accommodation however we do provide a list of local recommendations for accommodation with your confirmation email when booking.

Who will I train with?

Unlike many other training schools, you will never be more than 2 students to an instructor at any time. All customers are attended to as individuals throughout the training, to make sure you're getting the most out of each session.

What is the training style like?

At BMW Rider Training, we understand that the physical and sensory complexities of riding a motorcycle can be quite a shock, particularly if you've only ever driven a car.

Our gentle start and progressive 'layering' approach to training will allow you will make incredible progress in a very short space of time. With no experience of riding a motorcycle, we can take you to a safe and competent level of riding surpassing that required to pass the tests.

It is our objective to make the learning process a fun one! It is a tough, mentally and physically exhausting experience but made enjoyable throughout.

What is the course schedule like?

This course is set over 7 consecutive days, in order to maximise your learning capacity.

While start times vary slightly between each of our training centre locations*, you can expect course days to start around 8:30am, and finish between 3:30-4:00pm.
*Confirmed times for your chosen location will be sent to you as part of your confirmation email once booked.

There is a break for lunch, as well as short rest breaks interspersed throughout the day.

The daily schedule is not fixed as we continually adjust this to meet the needs of each student, however the following gives an indication of what to expect from each day.

  • Day 1 - CBT Plus - An introduction to motorcycling on our private training area using the BMW G 310 R/GS
  • Day 2 - CBT Plus - Continuing on from day 1 and venturing on to the road
  • Day 3 - Progress to and migration to the test capacity bike for your licence category.
    If you are aiming for an A2 licence, this will be the BMW G 310 R/GS.
    If you are aiming for the unrestricted A licence, this will be the BMW F 800 GS or similar.
  • Day 4 - Focus on slow riding skills, preparing for the Module 1 test, including practice time on the DVSA test site*
  • Day 5 - Final practice and then Module 1 test with a relaxing afternoon settling in to further riding skills - Click here to learn more about Module 1
  • Day 6 - Strategic work towards riding skills centering on safe riding practice (observations, road position, junction management etc).
  • Day 7 - Final practice, and the Module 2 test with possible enhancement session on a larger bike afterwards - Click here to learn more about Module 2

*subject to DVSA availability, unfortunately we're unable to guarantee this for every course offered.

What if I struggle with pre-test nerves?

You're not alone! We understand the stress an impending test can cause and many students suffer with nerves in the lead up to the tests.

Our experienced team will do their utmost to put you at ease, tailoring their approach and daily course structure to meet your needs. 

Where possible, we'll even try to include a practice session for your Module 1 test at our local DVSA Test Centre in the days prior to your actual exam. While we can't guarantee this for every course offered as it is subject to local DVSA availability, this opportunity means that the test centre environment won't come as a shock, and you'll be more settled thanks to this practice run.