Riding Skills Booster 2-day Course


2-day course designed to improve the ability of those who ride regularly, but may not cover many miles each year, or for those who have recently passed and are looking to advance their skills. Train on your own motorcycle or hire one of our BMW models.

Set over two full days, this fun packed course will cover the foundation of advanced training skills to not only improve your skills and safety, but also prepare you for our more detailed and comprehensive Level 2 course.

Combining "post-test" advanced theory and practical riding, this course is structured to provide an element of slow speed riding skills on our private training facility before moving onto the road under the guidance of our senior instructors. You will experience a varied range of conditions and environments, with real-time feedback via Bluetooth communications system for immediate improvements.

At the end of this course, you will have more confidence in your riding ability and a safe riding skill set to apply to your motorcycling with a foundation of knowledge of the principals of the system of advanced motorcycling.

Who will I train with?

You will be training with one of our Advanced instructors, our most senior trainers with extensive experience, specialising in advanced riding techniques. You will never be more than 2 students to an instructor at any time. All customers are attended to as individuals throughout the training, to make sure you're getting the most out of each session.

What is the course schedule like?

Course days start at 9am, and finish around 4pm.

During the course, the topic schedule is not fixed as we continually adjust this to meet the needs of each student, however the following gives an indication of what we'll cover during the course...

  • Theory and discussion session
  • Core riding skills practical exercises
  • Correct positioning, distance and hazard perception
  • Process of using gears and brakes appropriately
  • Fundamentals of defensive riding
  • Application of a format to read the road